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Imminent Threat

"Daniel walked over to the shattered remains of the chopper, rifling through his black bag. He tossed aside his broken laptop before finding the black H&K .45 caliber handgun Jack gave him in Key West.

He paused briefly before wrapping his dirty, bloodied fingers around the grip. For the first time in his life, the weight of a weapon in his hand felt natural."



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19th Annual Writer's Digest Book Awards

"Corey Spann's Imminent Threat is part of a long tradition of political spy thrillers, from John Ie Carre up through Tom Clancy and Clive Cussler. For the most part, Spann takes his place with them quite well, crafting a plot, which is suspenseful and swiftly paced - two of the real hallmarks of the genre and which are often in other books not achieved.

Spann populates his book with interesting characters, and his plot is not so laden with jargon that someone like me can follow and understand, which is much appreciated and also broadens the audience considerably."

The Central Intelligence Agency, since its inception in 1947, has conjured up many ideas within the conscience of all who hear those formidable words. It has inspired fear in the hearts of our enemies, and a deep sense of pride from a grateful Nation. Though many of the heroic stories of invisible heroes will forever remain untold, the Agency remains a fertile ground for fanciful stories of all kinds.

This book endeavors to weave a common thread through secretive government agencies and foreign powers in an attempt to keep the reader guessing. While the science behind this story remains safely in the realm of theoretical physics, today’s theories often lay the groundwork for tomorrow’s technological breakthroughs. Technologies that offer incredible power to anyone willing to pay the ultimate price!

Imminent Threat explores one such technological breakthrough, and is based on the development of a top-secret device being designed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, under the CIA Directorate for Science and Technology. This new technology however proves too tempting for some, and the espionage that follows reaches the highest levels of the Federal Government. Though the technology discussed within this book is theoretical in nature, it is based on Einstein’s predictions of a fundamental force of energy remaining within the fabric of the Universe from its creation.

Imminent Threat The BookWhile this book strongly attempts to blur the lines between fact and fiction, the possibility of such new devices usher us into a new and amazing age! This extraordinary high stakes game of National security poses many inherent risks however, and as with any theoretical technology, the possibilities of exploring these new and untested methods pose varied degrees of danger and uncertainty. With the strong allure of corrupting power achieved through incredible technological advancements echoing to the base levels of human nature, some find the seduction of selling government secrets too overwhelming for the flawed personality.

As power turns to greed within the corrupt, events can spiral out of control, taking one to depths unthought of. As we move into the realm of danger and intrigue, friend and foe often take on indiscernible shades of difference, only revealing themselves under the burning light of intense International and personal pressure.

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Imminent Threat

Imminent Threat


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