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Daniel walks toward his father. Erica lingers behind. Jack stands facing away from Daniel tying a small fly lure.
A collegiate football game CRACKLES over a nearby radio hanging on a hook in the garage.

Hello Dad! Jack turns around slowly.

Daniel? What are you doing here?

Hi dad. It's been a while.

Jack glances up to see Erica standing on the back porch.

What's going on Daniel? Are you ok?

About The Writer

Due to the nature of movie making, Imminent Threat screenplay would be somewhat modified from the original book with added and deleted scenes. This is done out of necessity, as the transition from book to screenplay require certain modifications to the story line. These modifications, however, should make the film more enjoyable for the viewer.

Imminent Threat is projected to be a feature length big budget film with a running time of approximately 120 minutes. The film, as in the book, opens in the North Atlantic on a large offshore oil rig, with much of the action taking place on a remote island off the coast of Alaska.

When adapted to screenplay, the many unique scenes and themes should translate to film format with stunning realism. If produced, this motion picture would take moviegoers on a tense ride into extreme environments, perilous situations on land and sea, as well as into the dangerous October, Alaskan skies.

As the film reached a climax within a secret black operations base off the coast of Alaska, international tensions, personal failings and extreme danger pressure our characters into situations they could not imagine. As the audience of Imminent Threat watches the plot unfold, the viewers are kept guessing as the story line does not reveal the actual perpetrator of espionage until the end.Imminent Threat screenplay

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Imminent Threat screenplay

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